Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Mermaid Huntress

This was written in the 10th of April but back-dated in the blog to the 8th due to my missing writing a story on that date.
picture by DollDivine.com
Mermaid Huntress
by Rebecca Fyfe

Shalana peered through the dark waters, waving seaweed wandering in and out of her vision as she hid behind it. She kept as still as a manta ray hiding in the sand.

Others in her tribe had no patience, but Shalana had learned that patience was the key to a great huntress's success. She waited.

Small fish swam by, some tuna and the occasional guppy. A clownfish darted by, hiding along the way amongst the swaying sea anemones. Shalana wasn't interested in any of them, so she waited more.

The others had chosen different hunting grounds, so she was on her own today. Shalana didn't mind. Being alone was better. No one would interfere with the hunt, and she could wait until the right prey came along without fear that someone else would scare it off or swoop in and take it from her.

Before long, entire schools of fish sped past her. She could sense their frantic heartbeats and knew that her prey was almost in place.

As the last of the fish swam past, everything went still, but only for a moment. Then water seemed to be pushed ahead of a large creature that barged into Shalana's view. The great white shark, sensing her presence, slowed and circled carefully, trying to find the presence it sensed.

Shalana waited until just the right moment and left her hiding spot behind the swaying seaweed, her trident raised and speared the beast right through its head before it had a chance to face her.

She tied the ropes she had made from seaweed around it and started carting it home. She hurried home with her prize; she knew the blood would bring other sharks if she didn't hurry. This was large enough to feed the entire tribe for tonight.

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