Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Little Mermaid's Power

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The Little Mermaid's Power
by Rebecca Fyfe

Ariel hated living with the humans. She had been such a fool, thinking she wanted to be one of them. She'd even imagined herself in love with one of them. Foolish, foolish girl!

Humans were not at all as she had imagined. Prince Eric had been fickle, deserting her for another woman. And these humans, she'd watched them; they did horrible things like throwing their trash into the ocean and eating fish that she could have called friends. They even ate lobsters!

They were awful creatures, killing everything around them and poisoning all of nature and the sea. She abhorred these humans now.

But she still thought her dad was wrong to keep them all hidden from humans. No, she and the other mermaids all had the power to stop the humans. Why couldn't he see that?

She sat in the room Prince Eric had given her, looking in the mirror on her dresser, and smiled to herself. It didn't matter that her father, Kind Triton, didn't agree with her. The Sea Witch agreed. And the Sea Witch had given Ariel back her voice. Now Ariel could enchant the humans and make them do her bidding.

She'd start with having the ones in this palace kill each other.

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